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Welcome to the Fairway blog

Hi, I'm Paige, half of the duo behind Fairway Stables™

This website is the one I've been searching for, for years; a compilation of knowledge on all things horsemanship, including practical advice on how to start an equestrian business.

No matter your experience level with horses or homesteading, I hope this is a place you can get lost in, and learn something along the way - we welcome everyone from vets, to lifelong ranchers, trainer, to nonprofits contributing.


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Turning horses out is an important part a horse’s health, both physical and mental, though it comes with some risks. Individual owners and stable owners often employ different turnout schedules to promote wellbeing while minimizing risk.

The Guide to Horse Turnout Schedules

June 14, 2023
horse turnout schedule

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With some planning and preparation, that dream can become a reality – whether you want a modest horse farm or a sprawling and upscale equestrian facility.

How to Design the Horse Property of Your Dreams (Use This as a Checklist!)

April 13, 2023

designing your horse property
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Getting a rescue up and running, developing contingency plans, and raising funds is a lot more involved than taking on some sick or skinny horses. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Start a Horse Nonprofit

March 29, 2023
how to start a horse nonprofit

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As expected, most people in horse businesses have knowledge and experience with horses, but it’s not a requirement.
More important than having the experience yourself is being willing to learn and hiring people who can help you succeed.

Starting a Horse Business with No Horse Experience? Here’s What You Need to Know

March 21, 2023

starting a horse business with no horse experience
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Most horse businesses are small businesses, not massive multi-national corporations or franchises. This creates an opportunity for owners to tailor their operations to the needs of their clients. With that flexibility, you have many ways you can generate extra income streams to maximize your profits while offering the value-added features your clients appreciate. While your […]

Creating Extra Income for Your Horse Business

January 16, 2023

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Preparing Pastures for Horses One of the most important aspects of horse ownership, and horsemanship, is ensuring that your horses have a safe pasture to live in. Seemingly simple, quite a bit goes into figuring out exactly what makes a pasture safe for horses. Read on for a breakdown of preparing pastures for horses! Table […]

Preparing Pastures for Horses

June 8, 2022

how to prepare your pasture for horses
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One of the most common questions I’ve been asked regarding Fairway Stables: what are we planning as we build our soon-to-be equestrian facility, horse farm, and home on our acreage in Oklahoma? So, we’ve made a quick outline for building a horse farm. Fairway Stables will offer an overnight boarding facility for equestrians in the […]

Building a Horse Farm: What We’re Doing and Why

April 29, 2022
how to build a horse farm

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December 1, 2022

Garden Plans for Your Horse Farm

December 1, 2021

garden plans for your horse farm
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As your equine business grows, you could quickly find yourself needing some extra help to keep up with day-to-day operations. Below you will find helpful tips you can use when hiring for your horse farm. Hiring for your horse farm legally is critical for your equine business, both from a tax and legal standpoint. Hiring […]

The Complete Legal Guide to Hiring for Your Horse Farm

December 1, 2021
hiring for horse farms fairwaystables.com

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Is your horse business eligible for tax deductions? Yes! Here’s how:  IRS Rules for Horse Businesses When building Fairway Stables, one of the first questions I looked into was whether or not our horse business would constitute tax deductions under IRS laws.  If you’re like me, you may have wondered: Does the IRS think about […]

Horse Business Tax Deductions

December 1, 2021

tax deductions for horse businesses fairwaystables.com


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