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A blog on The business of horsemanship - a perspective from professionals, the business side, and homesteading.

Welcome to the Fairway blog

Hi, I'm Paige, half of the duo behind Fairway Stables™

This website is the one I've been searching for, for years; a compilation of knowledge on all things horsemanship, including practical advice on how to start an equestrian business.

No matter your experience level with horses or homesteading, I hope this is a place you can get lost in, and learn something along the way - we welcome everyone from vets, to lifelong ranchers, trainer, to nonprofits contributing.


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If you plan to add selling animals to your homestead income sources – or you want to buy animals for your homestead – it’s important to understand the laws and regulations surrounding the sale and purchase of different species.

Legality of Buying and Selling Farm Animals

June 7, 2023

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If you want to be part of your local farmers’ market to sell your wares and drive income for your homestead activities, however, there are some legal considerations.

Legalities Behind Selling at the Farmers’ Market

June 5, 2023

legalities of selling at the farmers market
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If you live in an area with cold seasons, you’re limited in how much you can grow and harvest to feed your family throughout the year.

Fortunately, growing a garden year-round is an attainable goal, but you have to plan right to make it work

How to Grow a Homestead Garden Year-Round

May 31, 2023

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homesteaders are also partially or completely self-reliant, so you do need basics and suppliers to produce your own resources, make your life a little easier, and support your dream.

What Do You Need to Start Homesteading?

May 29, 2023

what do you need to start homesteading
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Whether you’re a rider, trainer, breeder, or owner of a horse-related business, you can attract investors to make connections and build your brand.

How to Attract Equine Investors

May 26, 2023
equine investors

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Managed well, small acreages can sustain a small family. If you want a greater degree of self-sufficiency, you may need more like 20 to 40 acres.

If you are looking to buy land for your own homestead, here’s how much you need.

How Much Land Do You Need to Homestead?

May 24, 2023

how much land do you need to homestead
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Whether you want to get into some basic homesteading or you’re dreaming of running a full-time homestead as an income generator, here are some basic skills you will need.

37 Homestead Skills to Master

May 22, 2023
homestead living skills

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Most people are unaware–or only vaguely aware–of the impact of industrial agriculture and factory farming on our planet, our animals, and our health. Here’s what every homesteader needs to know about regenerative farming.

What is Regenerative Farming? The Ultimate Guide for First-time Homesteaders

May 21, 2023

regenerative farming
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Whatever your motivation, becoming a homesteader is a rewarding way of life, but there are some common pitfalls to avoid when you’re just starting out.

The Biggest Mistakes Beginner Homesteaders Make

March 8, 2023
homesteading for beginners

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Whether you’re completely new to homesteading and composting or you’re ready to take it to the next level, this guide has everything you need to know.

The Ultimate Home Composting Guide

February 2, 2023

ultimate guide to home composting


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