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A blog on The business of horsemanship - a perspective from professionals, the business side, and homesteading.

Welcome to the Fairway blog

Hi, I'm Paige, half of the duo behind Fairway Stables™

This website is the one I've been searching for, for years; a compilation of knowledge on all things horsemanship, including practical advice on how to start an equestrian business.

No matter your experience level with horses or homesteading, I hope this is a place you can get lost in, and learn something along the way - we welcome everyone from vets, to lifelong ranchers, trainer, to nonprofits contributing.


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Do you have a scenic or unique property? Or a picturesque space for events? So beautiful that people might pay to use it? Turning your space into a venue is a great way to start a business or simply make some extra cash, but it does come with its risks. Today, we are breaking down […]

How To Open a Venue on Your Property (Legally)

February 13, 2022
opening a venue on your property legally

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December 1, 2022

Garden Plans for Your Horse Farm

December 1, 2021

garden plans for your horse farm
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As a horse owner, I’ve always known to keep an eye out for potentially poisonous plants to horses because their GI system is incredibly sensitive. It’s also precisely why I nearly had a panic attack when Elvis recently snuck through an open gate and ate my 3’ by 3’ provencal lavender plant to the nub.  […]

Poisonous Plants for Horses

December 1, 2021
poisonous plants for horses fairwaystables.com

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Here in Oklahoma, we experience some scarily powerful storms. Thunder and lightning, tornadoes and hail, we see it all.  And while we can cozy up inside and wait these storms out, our horses are not so lucky. So, what should you do with horses during a storm? What are the best ways to keep horses safe […]

What Should You Do with Horses During a Storm?

December 1, 2021

what to do with horses during a storm
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As your equine business grows, you could quickly find yourself needing some extra help to keep up with day-to-day operations. Below you will find helpful tips you can use when hiring for your horse farm. Hiring for your horse farm legally is critical for your equine business, both from a tax and legal standpoint. Hiring […]

The Complete Legal Guide to Hiring for Your Horse Farm

December 1, 2021
hiring for horse farms fairwaystables.com

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Is your horse business eligible for tax deductions? Yes! Here’s how:  IRS Rules for Horse Businesses When building Fairway Stables, one of the first questions I looked into was whether or not our horse business would constitute tax deductions under IRS laws.  If you’re like me, you may have wondered: Does the IRS think about […]

Horse Business Tax Deductions

December 1, 2021

tax deductions for horse businesses fairwaystables.com
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I’ll be the first in line to say: taxes are boring. Reading about taxes is boring, filing for taxes is annoying….etc, etc. BUT when a little bit of research can help you save money, taxes get a little more interesting, don’t they? Read on to find out what farm tax advantages you may be eligible […]

Farm Tax Advantages

December 1, 2021
farm tax advantages fairwaystables.com

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When it comes to planning out horse stalls for your horse barn, strategy is king. Owning horses is a big responsibility and can require quite a bit of work. A little strategizing at the outset can save you some trouble down the line. When you are making building plans for your horse stalls, there are […]

Building Horse Stalls for Your Barn

December 1, 2021

building horse stalls for your barn fairwaystables.com
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When it comes to equine law, one of the most important things equestrian facilities should do is require their riders to sign equine liability waivers before allowing any horseback riding. At the end of the day, their purpose is as simple as it is critical. Equine liability waivers or releases are meant to protect the […]

How Equine Liability Waivers Protect Your Equestrian Business

November 20, 2021
How Equine Liability Waivers Protect Horse Businesses

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Taking a boarder into your horse stables can be a great way to socialize your own horses. It can even bring in some extra cash. It can also be a huge favor for friends needing a place to board their horses. But should you board your friend’s horses? And if you can, is there a […]

Should You Board Your Friend’s Horses?

November 20, 2021

boarding your friends horses legally


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